RestoBox Reviews – Facebook – Mobile – Online Food Ordering Reservation Restaurant System

RestoBox Reviews – Facebook – Mobile – Online Food Ordering Reservation System

resto box reviews

In relation to picking the best, it is usually a subjective matter. Business needs can vary with respect to the specialties, location and magnitude of your respective restaurant. The ideal online food ordering system shall any day suit your business needs and budget constraints ideally.

An excellent online food ordering system shall present you with a level and healthy combination of all state-of-the-art facilities by using a robust online infrastructure automated as much as possible. Your online food ordering system provider should offer you prompt and courteous customer care, transparent economics and continuous improvisations, as much as advantages and features matter.

Because of the numerous features that has to influence decision-making on your end, it is considered feasible to enumerate them for a handy bird eye view.

1.Ease to setup, update and re-organize your internet food ordering technique is naturally an indispensable utility that allows you freedom and flexibility in the long run.

2.Flexibility to customize designs allows you to provide your business by using a fresh look and feel forever, in tune along with your personal attitude and preference.

3.Professional look matters to leave a lengthy lasting impression of reliability and quality on your own prospective customers.

Also that your users shall find your site highly easy and convenient to use, even though 4.Search Engine Friendly web design not only ensures that you shall get cheap round the clock advertising. An internet search engine friendly website is imperatively very easy to navigate and fixed with all attributes being loved by viewers.

5.No hidden costs like hosting, installation or maintenance later raise the budget unnecessarily and should be clarified in the beginning itself.

6.Regular backups and also other secure payment gateways needs to be ensured, as these determine long term security and longevity of your company entity.

7.Sufficient Payment gateways will ensure that you can to supply your prospects using the flexibility to pay conveniently or else it may well show to be lethal to business.

8.Automated email notifications permit you to appear prompt and courteous in your customers and assistance in customer retention.

9.Promptest order tracking system permit you to function as the quickest at serving orders and proving efficiency to your customers.

10.Expedient ROI is actually a major business concern which is addressable in terms of time taken to setup your online restaurant business. A fast to produce online food ordering system allows equally early placement of orders and as a consequence business activities completely swing.

11.Easy to remember domain name and email address helps your clients consider you merely over time.

12.Add on facilities like restaurant locator, ability to remember last order details, customization of recipes, allow customers to choose seat based upon virtual map etc. can provide your business with niche advantage.

13.Automated backend business round and processes the clock hosting are integral to the good eCommerce solution.

14.Simple and intuitive design is vital for retaining customers’ loyalty and interest, as in fact your clients choosing online medium are here in order to save efforts and not waste it!

15.Real-time Customer database generation, including vital information about consumer behavior and ordering patterns can significantly enhance your marketing strategies.

16. General sales reports and statistics online aid effective decision-making. The facility should be properly password protected since it divulges important business information.

17.Sufficient bandwidth and disk space is essential to back up fluent business activities.

A certain amount of research is vital to gather your options and convince yourself of the greatest for yourself. In any event, it is actually strictly preferable to adhere to your company needs and resource constraints to zero as a result of the ideal for yourself.

So What is RestoBox:

Restobox is one of the most complex online restaurant facebook – mobile  food ordering reservation system ever created. Some of the advantages are:

Conversion Oriented Design

Every elements on this system was designed thoughtfully to lead potential customers to the conversion trigger.

Elegant & Highly Customizable

Customize every section of the system as you like and still retain that clean and rich-content website that we offer.

Mobile Friendly

Don’t limit your marker to PC and laptop users alone, rich out to wider market through their mobile phones and tablets.


Teen beaten to death at house party laid to rest

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. (AP) — Family members and friends remembered an 18-year-old who was beaten to death during a random attack at a house party as a smiling, happy peacemaker.

Mourners at Bobby Tillman’s funeral on Saturday were told to honor Tillman’s life and example by standing up for themselves and others.

Hundreds gathered to remember Tillman at Siloam Church International in College Park, south of Atlanta.

Tillman was killed last Sunday in Douglasville, a working-class suburb of Atlanta. Police say Tillman, who did not know his attackers, became a target after a fight broke out among partygoers. Investigators say the fight started when a woman hit a man. The man said he would not hit the woman back but vowed to hit the next man who walked by.

Four men have been charged with murder in Tillman’s death.

Obama: GOP should let small business bill through

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama exhorted Congress on Monday to make passage of a long-languishing small business aid package its first order of business when it returns next month from its summer break.

“I ask Senate Republicans to drop the blockade,” Obama said in the Rose Garden after meeting with his economic advisers.

Acknowledging that the economy still remains extremely fragile, the president said he’d also have other specific ideas in the days ahead.

He mentioned extending Bush tax cuts due to expire this year for households making under $250,000 a year, upping the nation’s investment in clean energy, rebuilding more roads and highways and tax cuts designed to keep jobs in the United States.

“My economic team is hard at work identifying additional measures that could make a difference in both promoting growth and hiring in the short term and increasing our economy’s competitiveness in the long term,” he said.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs later said that in addition to initiatives already unveiled that are bogged down in Congress, the administration would roll out a variety of targeted measures designed to spur the economy and create an environment conducive to hiring.

None of the measures will be as major as last year’s stimulus bill, Gibbs said. “There’s only so much that can be done,” he added.

“Those in America are frustrated. Those in the West Wing are frustrated” about the slow pace of recovery and an unemployment rate hovering near 10 percent, Gibbs said.

In a week likely to be dominated by foreign policy, Obama is trying to show he’s still minding the economy after his 10-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

A string of weak economic reports in recent weeks has fed fears that the economy would fall back into recession, only slightly offset by Monday’s government report that consumer spending had increased in July after four down months.

“Every single day, I’m pushing this economy forward, repairing the damage that’s been done to the middle class over the past decade and promoting the growth we need to get out people back to work,” Obama said in his statement.

Obama said action on the package of small business tax cuts and credit incentives is “one thing we know that we should do” as soon as possible. Republicans have been blocking the bill, calling it misguided.

However, Obama said it was being “held up by a partisan minority that won’t even let it get to a vote.”

“The bill is fully paid for. And there’s no reason to block it besides pure partisan politics,” he said.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.

5 Officers Indicted in Katrina Killing


NEW ORLEANS — A federal grand jury charged five police officers Friday in connection with the shooting death of a civilian in the days after Hurricane Katrina.

An 11-count indictment against the officers revealed a sequence of events that led to the body of Henry Glover, 31, being found burned in an abandoned car.

The killing occurred Sept. 2, 2005, four days into the flooding of the city, in the Algiers neighborhood on the west bank of the Mississippi River, according to the indictment. David Warren, a police officer at the time, was charged with shooting Mr. Glover with an assault rifle.

Mr. Warren was arrested by federal agents on Friday after the indictment was returned.

Mr. Glover, who was bleeding to death, was picked up by William Tanner, a stranger, who said he drove him to an elementary school that was being used as temporary headquarters for a police special-operations unit, one that was later hailed as heroic for its hurricane rescue efforts.

There, Mr. Tanner has said, he was beaten by police officers and his car was seized, with Mr. Glover inside. Mr. Tanner left the city but returned weeks later, he said, and found his car, with the remains of Mr. Glover inside, burned and parked on a levee behind a police station.

Two other police officers, Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann and Officer Gregory McRae, were charged with hitting and kicking Mr. Tanner and another man who was with him at the elementary school. They were also charged with taking Mr. Tanner’s car and burning it, along with Mr. Glover’s body.

They each could be facing 60 years imprisonment.

After the killing, the indictment said, a false police report was drawn up by Lt. Robert Italiano, who later left the force, and Lt. Travis McCabe. Both were charged with obstruction of justice and making false statements to the F.B.I.

The circumstances surrounding Mr. Glover’s death were first reported in late 2008 in an article that was a collaboration by the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute and the nonprofit investigative news service Pro Publica.
It became the most gruesome of several deaths that are believed to have occurred at the hands of the New Orleans police, a force that has been troubled for decades.

“Behavior such as described in the indictment has no place in a free society, let alone law enforcement,” Dave Welker, the F.B.I. special agent in charge for Louisiana’s Eastern District, said in a statement on Friday.

The case is one of at least eight investigations into actions of the New Orleans Police Department being conducted by the federal government.

Most of the investigations concern events in the chaotic days after the storm. The best known, concerning the shootings of civilians on the Danziger Bridge that left two dead and four wounded, resulted in five guilty pleas from current or former police officers.

Most of the pleas were to conspiracy charges related to an alleged cover-up of the shootings. But the accounts in the pleas described police officers shooting a mentally disabled man in the back and then beating him, and also strafing unarmed civilians. That investigation was continuing and more charges were expected.

Last month, the Department of Justice announced that it would conduct a full-scale investigation into the patterns and practices of the police force, a step that usually results in a legally binding blueprint for wholesale reform.

In a sign of just how grim the view of the police force is in New Orleans, the mayor himself formally solicited such a review, citing a need for “systemic and transformational change.”

Michael Jackson’s Brother Randy Hospitalized For Chest Pains


Randy Jackson, brother of the late pop legend Michael Jackson, was hospitalized Tuesday in Southern California.

Jackson, 48, experienced chest pains around noon on Tuesday and was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, where he is currently awaiting the outcome of tests, a source close to the Jackson family who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly said.

The source told The Associated Press that doctors at the hospital think it was a mild heart attack, but this has not yet been confirmed.

On Monday, Randy Jackson was in court with his family for a hearing in the involuntary manslaughter case of Dr. Conrad Murray who is accused in connection with Michael Jackson’s death. Randy Jackson arrived after everyone else and stopped to hug his parents, his brothers and sister LaToya before the hearing began.

Last week, he made an appearance on CNN’s “Newsroom” and expressed the opinion that Murray should be charged with first-degree murder. He also said he thought others were implicated in Michael’s death.

In a series of posts on Twitter in the last few weeks, Randy Jackson said he had succeeded in stopping an unapproved tribute show to Michael in Rome which had been scheduled on June 25, the anniversary of his death. He said he also had been talking to officials at Forest Lawn Glendale in an effort to have fans admitted to the area near Jackson’s tomb on the anniversary.

He said in his posts that the fans had been a great source of comfort to him.

“At times, I’m sad&broken,” he tweeted. “But ur supprt helps 2 encourage me and fuel my motivation 2 continue this fight 4 truth&justice.”

Police Make Arrest in Craig Bouie Murder

RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) ―Baltimore County Police say an arrest has been made in the murder of a Randallstown man, killed inside his own home.

Police took Kelly Emanuel Shird, 27, into custody Thursday for the murder of Craig Bouie, 37.

Shird was arrested on a warrant in Virginia, and charges are pending.

Police were called for a burglary in progress on August 5 just after 2 a.m. in the 100-block of Western Winds Circle in Randallstown.

When they arrived they found Bouie suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Northwest Hospital where he later died.

Baltimore County investigators obtained evidence that suggested the suspect
had broken into the residence through a basement window. Detectives believe that the motive was burglary.

They received a tip that the suspect was at an address in Lancaster, Virginia with a girlfriend. Working with police in Virginia, they checked the location and found the suspect. A warrant was obtained in Baltimore County against Kelly Shird.

He has been arrested on the warrant in Virginia, and authorities in Baltimore County are awaiting the results of an extradition hearing.

Upon release to authorities in Baltimore County, Kelly Shird will be formally charged with first-degree murder.

Evander Holyfield’s Son Arrested For Drug Possession

By Hiphopwired

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution,Evander’s Holyfield’s 20-year-old son Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield, was arrested Saturday by Peachtree City police after “marijuana was located in several areas throughout the vehicle,” according to a police report.

Officers also reported finding a bag of small, white pills.

The younger Holyfield was also charged with driving with a suspended license, an expired tag and with defective tires.

I guess the checks did stop coming in.

Young Holyfield was booked into the Fayette County Jail and released Sunday on a $2,726 bond.

Buffalo Teen Killed After Being Suspended From School for Minor Infraction

By Jeff Mays

A high school freshman is found wandering the halls of his school. He is suspended and sent home. On the way, less than an hour later, he runs into a guy he has beef with and is shot in the stomach twice and dies.

That’s what happened to Jawaan Daniels, a freshman at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, N.Y. Now, the Buffalo schools superintendent is vowing to end suspensions for minor infractions; however, it’s too late for Daniels, and the entire situation underscores the fact that black boys are treated more harshly by school officials.

In Nashville, Tenn., the middle schools suspended 50 percent of black boys. Nationally, African Americans are subject to more stringent discipline standards and procedures than their non-black counterparts.

For example, black kids in the United States are three times more likely to be suspended than white kids. A Chicago Tribune report found that blacks are suspended at a greater rate than their proportion to the student body in all but one state. In fact, in 21 states, blacks are suspended at a rate double the general student body.

And it’s not because they are worse behaved.

“There simply isn’t any support for the notion that, given the same set of circumstances, African American kids act out to a greater degree than other kids,” Russell Skiba, a professor of educational psychology at Indiana University whose research focuses on race and discipline issues in public schools, told the Tribune. “In fact, the data indicates that African American students are punished more severely for the same offense, so clearly something else is going on. We can call it structural inequity or we can call it institutional racism.”

In Buffalo, 30 percent of students at one high school and 20 percent at another were suspended for at least one day last month. I would not be surprised if those numbers are racially skewed. Buffalo School Superintendent James A. Williams said that suspending kids for minor infractions and paying to send teachers to their home costs millions and is not the answer:

“We have to figure out a way to keep our children in school and make good choices in their lives,” Williams said during a press conference. “I don’t have the answers, folks, today. I won’t have the answers tomorrow. I need help to figure this out.”

Well, I have a few answers.

Can Roc-a-Fella make a comeback without Jay-Z?

Hip hop fans may be able to throw their Roc-A-Fella diamonds in the sky again real soon.

Former Roc-A-Fella Records executive, Damon Dash, was granted the licensing rights use the label’s name on Monday and plans to revamp the label that was once a force in music and hip-hop culture.

Dash, who founded Roc-A-Fella Records in 1996 along with Jay-Z and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, has said that the decision really came down to the opportunity being there and a “why not?” attitude.

The meteoric rise of the label was built off the strength of Jay-Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, and at their height the Roc-A-Fella brand featured an unparalleled stable of artists including Kanye West, Cam’ron and Beanie Sigel. A highly successful fashion line in Rocawear, a movie division, Roc Films, that put out State Property and Paid in Full, and even dabbled in the alcoholic beverage industry, taking over U.S. distribution of Armadale vodka.

The decline of the label was ugly and, to some, calculated.

After stepping away from recording, Jay-Z became President and CEO of Def Jam in 2004, beginning the cycle that led to the dissolution of the label as it was known.

Others would argue that Dash bringing on Cam’ron as VP at the label in 2002 while Jay-Z was on vacation, was the beginning of the end. Either way, after a controlling stake of Roc-A-Fella was sold to Def Jam in 2004, the label was placed squarely under Jay-Z’s control and he seemed to be pushing Dash and Burke out of the picture.

Jay-Z told XXL magazine in 2005 that he was willing the refuse the position at Def Jam just for the masters to his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, and that Dash and Burke could have everything else but they refused.

During their heyday, fans could easily split the label down the middle, pairing those artists associated with Dash and those associated with Jay-Z. Artists like Beanie Sigel, State Property and The Diplomats being stamped Team Dame, and others like Memphis Bleek and Kanye West being Team Hov.

And after being acquired by Def Jam, artists caught in the shuffle were given the option of going forward with the label or moving to Dash and Burke’s Roc4Life label, which later became Dame Dash Music Group.

Dame Dash Music Group stumbled from the start with Beanie Sigel deciding to join Dash and Burke but the other members of State Property deciding to stay with Roc-A-Fella. The death of ODB, who’d recently joined the label and a growing list of tentative albums led to their demise.

Still under Def Jam’s umbrella, DDMG left the label and soon after folded.


Monday’s announcement allows Dash to use the brand he helped build and he seemed excited about the future, which he claims started with just pulling out the old chains “for kicks.”

The new Roc-A-Fella regime is likely to feature some familiar faces but also welcome buzzing New Orleans natives Curren$y and Jay Electronica into the fold.

Curren$y, who has also been on widely known New Orleans-based labels No Limit and Cash Money, is best known for his 2006 hit, “Where Da Cash At?,” while Jay Electronica, who’s probably best known for his relationship with soul songstress, Erykah Badu, has never released an official mixtape or album, but managed to build a following off the strength of his freestyles and seemingly random releases.

Electronica scored a hit recently with his single, “Exhibit C” which surprised many by making it into regular radio rotation without sounding like many songs that are considered “radio ready.”

Both have also captured huge online audiences through Twitter and other social networking that clamor to hear more new material from them.

The question remains as to whether the “new” Roc-A-Fella Records can be as successful as the previous incarnation and can the brand bounce back with a new face.

It’s been nearly a year since Roc-A-Fella’s last release, Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss, but the label is set to re-launch with Curren$y’s Pilot Talk slated to drop June 15. While fans may not be sold on the new lineup, the blogosphere is definitely intrigued by what could become of the former rap dynasty.

It’ll be important to watch who joins the imprint in the coming months. With the latest trend in the music being to carve things out as an independent entity, it’ll be interesting to see who Dash and the label could actually get into that fold.

Money talks more than anything but Dash spoke on how what people really enjoyed about the original incarnation of the label was the friendship and the bond that it stood for and that the label wasn’t originally built to sell records, it was more of a thing amongst friends.

Record-breaking Ray Allen saves NBA Finals

By Marcus Vanderberg

LOS ANGELES – After a 102-89 loss in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers knew his team wouldn’t be able to compete against the Los Angeles Lakers without Ray Allen on the floor.

“Ray has to play,” Rivers said. “We have to get Ray the ball.” Boy, did they ever.

Allen had one of the greatest shooting performances in NBA Finals history, hitting eight three-pointers and scoring a game-high 32 points in the Celtics 103-94 Game 2 victory Sunday night at Staples Center. The Celtics handed the Lakers their first loss at home this postseason and tied the series at 1-1.

“Well, starting the game off, you don’t want that first shot to be a three-pointer,” Allen said on his hot shooting from beyond the arc. “You want to try to work your way into the game. But if it has to be, it has to be.”

With each Allen swish, the Celtics managed to wrangle the momentum that the Lakers stole following a dominating Game 1 victory on Thursday.

Before you knew it, Allen had made his first seven three-pointers before halftime, breaking Michael Jordan’s NBA Finals record for the most three-pointers in a half.

“Yeah, I do remember that,” Allen said on watching Jordan make six first half three-pointers against the Portland Trailblazers in Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals. “I’m going to tell him that his were a lot easier.”

All in all, Allen had 27 points on 7-for-8 shooting from three-point range at halftime.

When Allen hit his eighth three-pointer with 4:39 remaining in the third quarter, he set a new NBA Finals record for most three-pointers in a game. Allen along with Kenny Smith (1995) and Scottie Pippen (1997) held the previous record with seven.

“It’s definitely right up there because there’s no better place, moment, time to play a game, to win a game,” Allen said on his record night.

It was a far cry from Thursday, in which the shooting guard was relegated to the bench because of foul trouble and had just 12 points on 3-for-8 shooting. Allen had made more field goals (4) in the first 7:08 of Game 2 than he did in all of Game 1 (3).

“If you watched him yesterday and the last two days, he took a million shots,” Rivers said. “It’s no coincidence that the great shooters are great shooters; they work on it more.”

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson rolled the dice and placed the 6-foot-1 Derek Fisher on the 6-foot-5 Allen. Kobe Bryant was left to contain Rajon Rondo, and he didn’t fare much better against the Celtics point guard. Rondo recorded his fifth postseason triple-double with 19 points, a team-high 12 rebounds, 10 assists and a key 20-foot jump shot with 1:50 left to put the Celtics up 95-90.

“They both were terrific,” Rivers said on Allen and Rondo. “Rondo did a terrific job of finding him [Ray]. He saved us in the first half with Kevin in foul trouble, Paul struggling. We needed points and Ray gave them to us.”

Based on his demeanor at practice on Friday and Saturday, Allen’s performance shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Teammate Tony Allen describe Allen as quiet the last couple of days, as if he was stewing over his Game 1 showing.

“Well, I was upset,” Allen said. “The way I went into practice yesterday and the day before, I was disappointed that obviously we lost. I was trying to think of the things that I needed to do to be better.”

If Allen thinks of more things to do to be better, it could spell the end for the Los Angeles Lakers.